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January 9, 2010

Midlands Limos Range Rover Sport Limo Build

at 11:02 am. Filed under Crazy Hacks, Insane Equipment


What does it take to pimp out a Range Rover Sport into a limo? A little more than a paint and polish that’s for sure! Have a look at some of the build pictures that Midlands Limos sent in below for an idea of how invasive the process is. Next time I ‘m in the UK I will have to have a ride in this limo!








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6 Responses to “Midlands Limos Range Rover Sport Limo Build”

  1. Pink hummer Limo Says:

    amazing limo, alot of time and effort.

  2. Stu Says:

    Are Americans / Canadians familiar with the UK word ‘chav’ or ‘chavvy’? Its quite a derogatory word.
    These limos tend to be rented out to your common chav type person over here. I see them driving around where I live (in the Midlands).

  3. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Stu,

    Never heard of that word before (coming from a Canadian), must be a UK thing…

  4. Stu Says:

    Hi Alan
    Indeed it is a UK thing, refers to common lowest denominator scum people. Not being bigoted or anything, but there really are some detestable people over here, in personality, dress sense, criminal behaviour, rudeness, everything.
    These limos are definitely strongly ‘associated’ with that kind of person.
    I just went browsing for a decent definition of ‘chav’ and found this womens magazine joke quiz, its quite funny, and accurate –


    And no, I dont read womens magazines. 🙂

  5. phantom cars Says:

    look, there is nothing wrong with any form of luxury transport. you have a choice. limos and cars are popular for weddings, birthdays and nights out.

  6. stan clark Says:

    if I only had 1 million dollars the things I could buy……

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