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January 8, 2010

NIXIE Clock Multimeter

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This NIXIE Clock Multimeter that Flickr member Shklaw looks fantastic. I think it’s because both components are retro. We have the old world NIXIE tubes stuffed into an old multimeter housing! It is based on the NIXI clocks from this site.

“These nixie tubes are NL-5440A’s. The banana sockets were replaced with switches to set the hours and minutes. When the rotary switch on the left is set to OP, the clock is off, when it its set to AC, the clock is on (but can’t be set) and when the switch is set to DC, the clock it still on and you can set the time using the push buttons. The ohms adjust dial on the right controls the brightness of the blue up lighting (fully off to quite bright!).”


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6 Responses to “NIXIE Clock Multimeter”

  1. Mike D Says:

    Looks really cool. Love the blue and red glow. Nixie clock numbers are all the rage these days.

  2. Pouncer Says:

    truly a thing of beauty.

  3. zigzagjoe Says:

    Looks cool, but would’ve been cooler if it was still a multimeter.

  4. pete Says:


    I agree. er, did you mean “still a multimeter” like original? Or a multimeter with nixies? I was hoping for the latter. But, it is a sweet case to bang a clock in too.

  5. Rob Says:

    I would have to agree with zigzagjoe assuming he meant that it would be cooler if it were a functioning multimeter with Nixie tubes, having a toggle switch to switch it between being a multimeter and a clock would be even cooler.

  6. Nixie tube clock in voltmeter case | Products & Tech News Says:

    […] [via HackedGadgets] […]

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