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January 8, 2010

Bumble B Assembly

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We mentioned before that Fletchtronics will be building a bunch of Bumble Bs and sharing the process with us. Well the creation of the devices are done and the videos are finished. Watch them for some tiny surface mount techniques. I haven’t played with a Bumble B before but we have featured a project that was built with the $17 controller.

What is a Bumble B you may ask, here is a description from the site.

“It is a breakout board for Atmel’s at90usb162 microcontroller, along with supporting hardware and USB connector. It is DIP-24/600mil shape, and works very well on a breadboard.

You can program Bumble-B without any special hardware and using entirely free and open source software from Atmel and the AVR community. This makes Bumble-B a self-contained AVR development kit that you can start working with instantly, with no special tools.”

Day 2 Video

Day 5 Video

Day 9 Video

Day 10 Video


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One Response to “Bumble B Assembly”

  1. JeremyC Says:

    I believe that it would have taken me less time to just use the syringe rather than your stencil setup. Perhaps if you cut the stencil closer to the size of the board and made alignment marks it would speed things up.

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