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January 1, 2010

Tool Carrying Robot

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Robots are supposed to make our lives easier right? Well this Tool Carrying Robot is sure to lighten your load. I remember the days of doing service work, I would have a huge case full of hand tools in one hand, a laptop slung over the other shoulder and some type of paperwork in my one free hand. Lugging this gear through large industrial buildings becomes a pain real quick…  This robot could have sure came in handy back then! One enhancement it would need is a way to follow you upstairs. But I think

TOBI 4 will enhance or replace the thermal sensor in TOBI 3. The reason is that, after designing this project for over a year, I have come to realize that in an office environment, the thermal sensor has a serious flaw. TOBI will lock onto ANY human and follow them, so in this version I am going to add a secondary system to identify the master target from all other heat sources. At this point, I have no idea what I will use. It could be IR, RF or ultrasonic.