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December 29, 2009

Acc_Gyro: Accelerometer + Gyro IMU

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Gadget Gangster has been cranking out the new products. Here is a 3 axis accelerometer board with Gyro capability that looks like lots of fun.

“The Acc_Gyro Board represents a 5DOF Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), capable of measuring acceleration on all 3-axis as well as measuring rotation rate around the X and Y axis. Combining values from both accelerometer and gyroscope will allow you to obtain accurate values of inclination angles relative to the earth’s surface. IMU units are often used in projects like gaming devices, balancing robots and UAV.

The Acc_Gyro board combines the LIS331AL (datasheet) – a 3-axis 2G accelerometer and LPR550AL (datasheet) – a dual-axis pitch and roll, 500deg/second gyroscope. The Accel_Gyro also features a 3.3V voltage regulator, so it can be powered with power sources in range of 3.3V to 7V. The onboard low-pass filters ensure a cleaner signal, while the high pass filters compensates for gyro drift normally associated with this type of devices.”


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3 Responses to “Acc_Gyro: Accelerometer + Gyro IMU”

  1. Psykokwak Says:

    Nice IMU.
    There is other very interesting kalman integrated IMU like this one :
    http://www.pnicorp.com/products/all/spacepoint-fusion (99$)
    http://vectornav.com/vn-100 (500$).

  2. Acc_Gyro = Accelerometer + Gyro Chip! Says:

    […] via hackedgadgets Tags: accelerometer, acc_gyro, chip, gyro, microchip Categories: Circuits, Featured Gadgets, Gadgets, Microcontroller. Advertising GA_googleFillSlot(“Zedomax_Bottom_Leftt”); GA_googleFillSlot(“Zedomax_Bottom_Right”); […]

  3. Mike D Says:

    Sure beats two photo resistors on a balance robot.

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