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December 27, 2009

Drink Mixing System

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Robby Connor, Richard Evan Cross and Zach Rasmor made a cool Automatic Wireless Drink Mixer for their University of Washington Electrical Engineering embedded systems ee478 class. Do you recognize that display they are using? Yes it is made by 4dsystems who sponsored one of our recent contests!

Via: TechEBlog

“Automatic drink mixer features:
-Remote touch screen allowing users to pick from preset drinks or customize their own. Touch screen donated by 4DSystems (www.4dsystems.com.au)
-Remote interface sends drink selection via wireless to the main controller (Microchip PIC32).
-Local LCD touch screen allowing users to scroll through preset drink options and select a drink.
-Infrared cup sensor that detects if a cup is in the fixture. Liquid will only dispense if a cup is present.
-RFID sensor that detects if an RFID cup is in the fixture. If so, it remembers the last drink that the cup ordered. If it sees the cup again, the local LCD will jump to the last drink selected.
-Drink valves are turned by servo motors
-Windows GUI that allows the user to change the available liquids and add new preset drinks (not shown)”


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10 Responses to “Drink Mixing System”

  1. Tom Fisk Says:

    Yet another way to turn extracurricular activities into a grade! Fairly well executed but could benefit from user feedback (cup not present error beep) and error checking (after dispensing drink cup must be removed before dispensing next).

  2. Project_Nightmare Says:

    I’m going to UW this quarter. What sucks is that our rival school WSU already has a drink mixing vending machine.

  3. Kian Says:

    It’s a good final proyect for a class

  4. Stendall Says:

    One thing it’s true.
    This guys have a lot of money to spend, and a lot of time to waste and to drink.

  5. Kian Says:

    You’re rigth.

  6. Mike D Says:

    I wish there was a link to the build list. I want to know what valve they are turning with the servo, I’m working on making a arduino controlled plant watering system and I need a either signal controllable valve or a easily rotated one via a servo. Doesn’t need to be pressure rated.

  7. Alex Says:

    interesting is the fact that they can’t controll the flow of liquid too acurately.
    the rate of flow of the drink varies acording to the fizziness of the soda/cola/etc, the remainiing
    quantitie of liquid in the bottle etc. They just time it to let the valve open for a specific time
    it’s yet another classic case of cracking nuts with a sledgehammer.

  8. irlolcopter Says:

    This didnt interest me much untill i see the touchscreen with adjustable percentages..
    this is amazing! do you have any source code of schematics?

  9. Hacked Gadgets Happy Holidays 2009 Contest - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] Tom Fisk (comment 1) […]

  10. Pepito Says:

    Like Tom Fish and Alex say, there are a LOT of holes in the concept… but these is not the main problem because they are students… The problem is that the university is working like a garden!. The game with kits and modules is reserved for childrens!. This is another example of an inefficient Frankenstein machine, the result of teaching children to manipulate modules without knowing fully what is inside them. Thats what happens when the teacher is not playing his role and the university is focused in gain easy money. All could have be done with a single microcontroller and had lowered cost at least 10 times!… When confronted with real life and these guys have to be able to sell what they produce in a competitive environment to support they own family, then they will find that such frankestein are unprofitable due to waste of resources involved, then they will understand that the University stole the money because he never taught about electronics. This video is a shame. Sorry to be honest.

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