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December 23, 2009

Virtual Talking Face

at 6:02 pm. Filed under Insane Equipment

This virtual face looks quite realistic. ATM machines have removed most of the tellers out of banks will this technology allow for a few sales people provide virtual help in all departments of a store?


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4 Responses to “Virtual Talking Face”

  1. NatureTM Says:

    I’d rather look at a normal lcd screen I think. It’s a little creepy that he appears to look at you no matter where in the room you are. They should put these next to all the security cameras in a department store and project the face of the security guy as he watches you. You could really have any face, maybe like a clip of Mr. T scowling from some old A-Team episode. In the south they could put a disappointed looking Jesus face. I give my personal guarantee theft would go down.

  2. dex drako Says:

    Wow what’s up with all of these old devices popping back up lately lol. Don’t get me wrong when I say that I love it, a neat trick is a neat trick no matter when it was made I say. Now I wander if they got the idea for this after riding the Haunted mansion in Disney world? lol

  3. Tom Fisk Says:

    A disembodied face is just a little too freaky for me…

  4. fl0x Says:

    Their using this Optical Illusion Effect: Pretty cool.

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