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December 17, 2009

Solar Mirror Array Steam Engine Drives 12KW Generator

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Joe Carruth has harnessed the power of the sun by creating a huge Solar Mirror Array in Colorado. This array boils 12 gallons of water to generate steam and the steam powers a twin piston steam engine. The steam engine is attached to a 12KW Generator with a straight shaft. Considering that this solar array could fit in my back yard the amount of energy it produces is very impressive.

The system is shown powering a large saw but it didn’t seem to operate at full capacity so based on that I am not sure how much energy is actually being generated but regardless, it is significant. Now there needs to be a form of energy storage other than expensive batteries to make this system ideal. How about using the system to pump water into a large raised area, then when electricity is needed you could drive a wheel?

If you don’t want one of these solar collectors in your backyard you can centralize the dishes as the video below demonstrates.

Via: Green Power Science