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December 15, 2009

Hard Drive Platter Wallet

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Mikey Sklar has put together an interesting wallet, it is made out of hard drive platters. As you know we have a soft spot for anything made from Hard Drives here at Hacked Gadgets.

“I took apart a dead hard drive that I had dumpster dived last year initially for the magnets, but I could not take my eyes off of the platters. The magnet would just be trouble with my ATM card magnetic strips as well as sticking to everything else around. Using a rivet gun I was able to quickly adhere two car keys and my AAA card to the platters.”


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9 Responses to “Hard Drive Platter Wallet”

  1. The hard drive platter wallet will show your true color and hold your credit cards Says:

    […] lie. You’re just jealous you didn’t think of this first. [Holy Scrap Hot Springs via Hacked Gadgets] Tweet […]

  2. Paul Says:

    Be careful! Some hard drive platters are made out of ceramic and just explode like glass when bent or cut. I found this out the hard way. Thousands of sharp mirror like shards all over me and my workshop! It was horrible. I still cannot tell the difference between platters, so be careful!

  3. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey Paul,

    That reminds me of an episode of the Screen Savers where Patrick Norton is talking about ways of destroying data on a drive. He opens the drive and smashes it with a hammer. The platters were not metal, they were ceramic and shattered into thousands of pieces on the TV set…

    That was the first time I had heard about ceramic platters (and I think that was the first time Patrick also found out about them).

  4. RM Says:

    Is that key to an old mercedes-benz? Sure looks like one I had. I would bet a nickel it is.

  5. Maigo Says:

    I might notice when you drill the holes, but it’s the first I’ve heard of them

  6. Crazy Hard Disk Drive Wallet |Gadgetsin Says:

    […] Source Related PostsWonderful Sculptures of Hard Disk Drives Category: DIY GadgetsTags: Gadgets, Hard Disk Drive, HDD wallet var thumbSeed = new ThumbSeed(‘fiveMinWidget’); thumbSeed.sid = 220; thumbSeed.title=’Related Videos’; thumbSeed.displayBorder=false; thumbSeed.layout = ‘425X400’; thumbSeed.backgroundColor = ‘Grey’; thumbSeed.headerColor = ‘Blue’; thumbSeed.videoCount = 3; thumbSeed.Load(); […]

  7. trading computers Says:

    Ha! I have a ton of these from old hard drives but didn’t find a reason for them yet. You could sell these wallets on Ebay! ha! Big Money!!!!!!

  8. MSOffice Sources Says:

    When Your Hard Drive Dies…

    When Your Hard Drive Dies is a post from Chris Pirillo You could hold a memorial service and give your…

  9. Crocodile Wallet Says:

    Wow that’s really cool. I like the folding key lol

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