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December 15, 2009

4DSystems TTL Camera

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Anna Ceguerra saw the prize for the contest this week and sent in some of the work she has been doing with the 4D Systems components.

“This demo shows how to communicate between a uOLED display and the uCAM. The 4DGL code attached includes the following functionality:

  1. A text-based menu system on the uOLED, displaying the various initialisation parameters for the uCAM
  2. The uOLED initalising communication with the uCAM
  3. The uOLED blitting the received picture information from the uCAM directly onto the screen”


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6 Responses to “4DSystems TTL Camera”

  1. Robert Gallop Says:

    4D!!! So does that mean it can take pictures through time itself.

  2. Berni Says:

    Well the screen is showing with about half a second lag so yes its showing half a second in the past

  3. Dual Screen Says:

    I like the onboard LCD! That’s pretty awesome! It makes me want to win the contest now!

  4. Oler Says:

    @Berni and Robert
    Its the beginning of DejaVu

  5. 4DSystems TTL Camera- Teki Says:

    […] here to read the rest: 4DSystems TTL Camera begin-adify, complex hacks, cool gadgets, directly-onto, electronic hacks, from-the-ucam, […]

  6. Alex Says:

    4D??? If it´s not even 3D, How come it´s 4D?

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