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December 3, 2009

Makerbot Industries – Bre Pettis Interview

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Bre Pettis of Makerbot Industries is making the interview rounds. The Cupcake CNC will soon be able to print objects in clear plastics. Currently you are limited to black or white. Congrats on the success Bre!

“Their company, MakerBot Industries, has shipped 350 of the $750 kits so far. They hired two employees, started paying themselves, and are building another 150 kits for their next shipment.”


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5 Responses to “Makerbot Industries – Bre Pettis Interview”

  1. Mike D Says:

    I’ve considered picking up one of these, I just have so many other projects going on, i’m not sure I would have the time to build it. I wonder if they offer pre-built kits, I know they used to. Check out the RepRap for some similar ideas.

  2. London Says:

    #1 item on my christmas list, no doubt about it

    I visited the School of Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University several years ago and witnessed a 3d printer in action, and ever since have been obsessed with them. The one I saw was really cool because it had a vat of a special liquid that solidified when exposed to ultraviolet light, so there was a platform that starts at the top of the vat of liquid, where an ultraviolet laser draws out the first layer of the object, then the platform lowers, an arm moves over the platform to ensure there is a thin layer of liquid over the previously drawn layer, and the process repeats. Too cool.

  3. London Says:

    Just realized Bre mentions the UV curable stuff in the video, I hadn’t gotten that far when I wrote my comment

  4. Makerbot – myPlace Says:

    […] hackedgadgest.com gibt es nun auch ein Interview mit Bre Petties und sein Makerbot in Aktion zu […]

  5. 3D Printing - Making a Bearing inside a Bearing - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] us how he can print a cool bearing with his 3D printer. This printer is a bit different than the Makerbot that we have featured here before. His Dimension 3D printer uses uses 2 types of material, one that […]

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