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December 3, 2009

Eye Tracking Micro Display

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In the latest AV Technology magazine there is a great article about the latest technology in eye tracking and micro displays. Fraunhofer is developing some interesting technology that we are sure to see incorporated into all of our gadgets in the next 5 or 10 years. Subscribing to the AV Technology magazine is free as long as you are in the USA. Hacked Gadgets does receive a small payment for each subscription to any of our Free Magazine Subscriptions so we appreciate the support from all who subscribe to the free magazines that we offer.

“The data eyeglasses can read from the engineer’s eyes which details he needs to see on the building plans. A CMOS chip with an eye tracker in the microdisplay makes this possible. The eyeglasses are connected to a PDA, display information and respond to commands.

The chip measuring 19.3 by 17 millimeters is fitted on the prototype eyeglasses behind the hinge on the temple. From the temple the image on the microdisplay is projected onto the retina of the user so that it appears to be viewed from a distance of about one meter. The image has to outshine the ambient light to ensure that it can be seen clearly against changing and highly contrasting backgrounds. For this reason the research scientists use OLEDs, organic light-emitting diodes, to produce microdisplays of particularly high luminance.”


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5 Responses to “Eye Tracking Micro Display”

  1. multi-monitor Says:

    Wow! That’s pretty amazing. It’s kinda like Universal Soldier and movies like that. Support Hacked Gadgets! I’m going to sign up for the Free AV Technology Magazine.

  2. oler Says:

    Damn I want one already!
    Too bad I don’t live in the USA, cuz i would definitely subscribe.
    Video glasses are awesome.

  3. Borys Łącki Says:

    From security point of view its great idea, because it will be much harder to grab any information from that kind of screen :]

  4. clie78782329 Says:

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  5. Eye Tracking using IR LEDs and IR Transistors - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] would require more processing power than they had. We have seen eye tracking done before here and here but this is the first time I have seen it done on the cheap like this. Great job […]

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