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December 2, 2009

Hacked Gadgets Happy Holidays 2009 Contest

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The new year is just around the corner, how would you like some cool swag from Hacked Gadgets to kick it off? There will be 4 winners this time around. We will be giving away a digital subscription of Make Magazine to a lucky winner, two subscriptions to Nuts and Volts will be going to two more winners, and finally a 120 LED Pack will be given to the 4th winner. Entry into the contest is simple, just leave a comment for any article from now till December 31 2009. Enter as many times as you want, just please don’t leave spam comments since these will be deleted as usual. As a matter of fact you can start by leaving a message below on this contest article. The email address of the comment will be used to identify and notify the lucky randomly selected winners. Please note that email addresses left when commenting is never made public.

Cool Contest Prizes

1 Year of Make Magazine (online digital version) “The first magazine devoted entirely to DIY technology projects, MAKE Magazine unites, inspires and informs a growing community of resourceful people who undertake amazing projects in their backyards, basements, and garages.”

1 Year of Nuts and Volts. For an example of what you can expect, have a look at the projects that were covered in this edition. “Computer To Computer Link Using Laser Pointers Computer Related by Ed Ringel Establish serial communication between computers or microcontrollers over low power laser beams. Phone Ring-A-Thing Control Home Automation by John Mastromoro Use your cell phone and this device as a receiver/decoder system to perform remote functions. Experiements with Alternative Energy Nuts & Volts Special by John Gavlik Learn the fundamentals of renewable energy through this educational series. This month: Build a Double Wide Sun Tracker. “

A second person will also get 1 Year of Nuts and Volts “Nuts & Volts is written for the hands-on hobbyist, design engineer, technician, and experimenter. The diversity of subjects appeals to all levels of experience and spans such topics as amateur robotics, circuit design, lasers, computer control, home automation, microcontrollers, data acquisition, new technology, DIY projects, electronic theory, and more, not to mention the popular BASIC Stamp.”

120 LED Assortment Pack

This Package includes 120 LEDs:

* 10 White LEDs, 13000mcd
* 10 UV (ULTRA VIOLET) LEDs, 3000mcd
* 20 Red LEDs, 8000mcd
* 20 Green LEDs, 8000mcd
* 20 Blue LEDs, 6000mcd
* 20 Yellow LEDs, 5000mcd
* 20 Orange LEDs, 5000mcd


Added Feb 6, 2009

Thanks to everyone for participating!

The winners are:

1 Year of Make Magazine (online digital version)

Caleb (comment 33)

1 Year of Nuts and Volts

Tom Fisk (comment 1)

1 Year of Nuts and Volts

David Storch (comment 4) David could not be reached so we drew another winner
Ed Reed is the new winner (comment 46)

120 LED Assortment Pack

Berni (comment 1)