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November 18, 2009

Remote Control that does not use Batteries

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How many times were you left frustrated trying to change the channel on the TV just to realize that the batteries are dead. Of course there are no more batteries in the house so you are forced to steal the batteries from a lesser used remote. Even more frustrating is when you need to use the remote that had the batteries robbed out of them. This problem may be a thing of the past, there is finally a remote control that is charged by picking it up and using it! Motion is what charges this cool unit.

Via: OhGizmo

"Sound power generation and NEC Electronics Corporation (President: Kohei Hayamizu, Location: Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, following the sound power generation) today announced that power generation in vibration that occurs when you press the button on the remote control with your fingers, "Vibration power generation, "The combination of power control techniques and proprietary technology, a prototype remote control without batteries for consumer electronics."


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11 Responses to “Remote Control that does not use Batteries”

  1. Jaxx Says:

    This is one of those things that is so simple you cant belive it didnt come about 5 years earlier.

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Jaxx,

    Exactly, I can see this technology being licensed by every company that uses remotes.

  3. Rmg Says:

    Hmm was hoping for a more shake light sort of approach

  4. therian Says:

    first TV remotes was battery less too, they use ultrasound and mechanical vibrator

  5. Muris Says:

    Even first ultrasonic remotes used batteries. If not, where did the power come from?

  6. wolfy02 Says:

    i can see the applications on remotes, but i can really see the application used on wireless computer mice. would be pretty nice to never change a battery again in either of them.

  7. eddy Says:

    Back in the 60’s Zenith made a tv with an acoustic(was not ultrasonic) remote without batteries. Pushing the buttons mechanically plucked a set of tuning forks. The TV picked up the sound and mechanically rotated the channel selector. three commands, as I recall – up, down, on/off. It worked.

  8. Jill Says:


  9. Debbie Says:

    Great post, I’d Digg this.

  10. Olivier Says:

    I remember a friend had a TV with a battery less remote.
    How was it working ? The remote wasn’t wireless 🙂

  11. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Oliver,

    LOL, I used to hate those early VCRs with the long trip cable!

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