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November 16, 2009

Marissa Mayer talking about her Google Experience

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Marissa Mayer is the Vice President of Search Product and User Experience at Google. This talk gives you some behind the scenes concepts that have made Google the success power house that it is. She also mentions the famous Google 20% time, this is where you have 20% of your paid Google time to work on a concept that you have. Turns out that 50% of the released Google’s products last year grew out of the 20% time. It is nice to hear her talk openly about how Google can fail also (Google Video). On a side note enrique550 made a laugh compilation of Marissa’s contagious laugh.

Via: Reteno

"Marissa leads the company’s product management efforts on search products – web search, images, news, books, products, maps, Google Earth, Google Toolbar, Google Desktop, Google Health, Google Labs and more. She joined Google in 1999 as Google’s first female engineer and led the user interface and web server teams at that time. Her efforts have included designing and developing Google’s search interface, internationalizing the site to more than 100 languages, defining Google News, Gmail, and Orkut, and launching more than 100 features and products on Google.com. Several patents have been filed on her work in artificial intelligence and interface design. In her spare time, Marissa also organizes Google Movies – outings a few times a year to see the latest blockbusters – for 6,000+ people (employees plus family and friends)."