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November 6, 2009

Induction Accelerator Gun

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This 5kV Induction Gun can shoot aluminum rings with some intense force. I have seen flying ring toys before which fly nice and straight. I wonder if the ring design is better than the typical bullet shaped projectiles we see on most of these guns.

"First portable induction accelerator in Russia. Capacitor energy 500j 5kV voltage, ring speed about 200m/s "


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4 Responses to “Induction Accelerator Gun”

  1. ba12348 Says:

    this thing shot a sizable hole in a can with a 1 or 2g projectile, and your supposed to put your hand in front of it to load?!

  2. rp108 Says:

    200m/s not. Thats .5 * 2g * (200m/s)^2 = 40 joule output power or 20 joules of only 1g and no way to view the shot or the projectile bouncing.

  3. greenskid Says:

    i like your video.. hope to see more..

  4. joe Says:

    try using bismuth, it is the highest (technically lowest @ -16.6 where copper is only -1.0 and aluminum is a fraction of that) diamagnetic element and heavier than lead.

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