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October 29, 2009

TV Clean Review – Monitor and TV Cleaning System

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The folks at TV Clean sent in a cleaning system for us to review. It’s a cleaning device that is used to remove dirt and dust from your monitors and TVs. I have always been very careful when cleaning LCD monitors because unlike the old CRT ones then new flat screens are quite easy to damage.

The TV Clean comes housed in a clam shell which keeps the dust out when it isn’t in use. It is a two part system, one soft sticky rubber blue roller rolls on the screen you are cleaning and picks up the dirt. As this sticky roller comes in contact with the white collection roller in the rear it transfers the dirt onto an adhesive layer. I used it on 5 LCD monitors, one CRT monitor and a 50 inch plasma TV. All but one looked clean before I used the TV Clean on them so I was surprised to see that the white adhesive collection roller was full of dirt when I was done. The white adhesive collection roller that catches the dirt is has many layers, the dirty layer is simply peeled away. The only problem I had with the product is that the blue roller which un-clips from the main unit can become dislodged if too much pressure is placed on the unit when using it to clean. This happened once and the roller simply snapped back in place.

The kit came with a cloth that is used to clean fingerprints and other smudges from the screen. I only came across one small fingerprint and the cloth wiped it away with no effort.

If you are looking for a product that will keep the dust off your expensive new TV the TV Clean should be a good fit.

Additional product information can be found here.

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8 Responses to “TV Clean Review – Monitor and TV Cleaning System”

  1. svofski Says:

    “I have always been very careful when cleaning LCD monitors because unlike the old CRT ones then new flat screens are quite easy to damage.”

    What does it really take to damage an LCD monitor? I see such claims all of the time, but I don’t see a lot of damaged LCD monitors and I don’t believe that’s because people listen to warnings. So, unless you’re cleaning your LCD screen by kicking off the dust with a boot and then wiping fingerprints with sandpaper (which would damage a CRT just as well), how is it possible to damage one while cleaning?

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Svofski,

    I have never damaged one of mine but I have seen lots of LCD monitors damaged in the work environment. It is because people think it is as robust at the old CRT monitors. It is usually scratches from fingernails that I have seen. The worst was the real old LCD screens, some had almost a bumpy texture…

  3. svofski Says:

    I see, thanks for the answer. Probably in my working environments people never wipe their LCD’s and I’m careful enough with mine 😉

  4. Novastar Says:

    meh, an ex coworker of mine shattered his trying to scrub off some soda or something that dried on the screen, he was using real elbow grease going to town on it when it cracked the display.

    It happens, not that often, and not to people who have more than 2 brain cells, but it does happen.

  5. Sleepwalker Says:

    I have seen a few LCD screens that have been tryed cleaned with water or other fluied base surfacecleanser used on glassurfaced.
    I does sometime go well, but is hardly recomended since surfacecleaners has etc. hard chemicals to get rid of the dirt, and if you use
    to much … well then it just get in betwin the layers of the LCD screen and often get a “fancy” but expencive rainbow on your LCD screen.
    Seen a few of those, first time users of LCD-TV`s … gotten rid of their CRT tube TV, and when the lady in the house is cleaning, oppsss 😛

  6. Maigo Says:

    weight is only an issue on laptops, so why don’t they put a layer of glass on top of the screen?

  7. Pouncer Says:

    “cleaning your LCD screen by kicking off the dust with a boot and then wiping fingerprints with sandpaper”
    LOL that gave me quite a chuckle.

    We used to have a similar setup(roller and sticky pad) at HADCO(now Sanmina-SCI) in all the clean rooms for image transfer of solder mask, print production and multilayer printing. Even in the clean rooms with closed air circulation and positive air pressure you’d be surprised how much dust is still in the air.

  8. svofski Says:

    Dust is an interesting issue. Say, how people normally reduce dust content when doing tasks like photoresist-spraying? I normally just wipe the floor several hours in advance and spray some water in air in the kitchen where I do my PCB’s. But this is only for self-complacency, it doesn’t really help much.

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