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October 20, 2009

Push-Pull Tube Amp Build

at 10:53 am. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks, Vintage Electronics


Our friend Gio from DIY Audio Projects has sent in a cool Push-Pull Tube Amp Build. This tube amp fits into a 8 X 12 inch chassis and looks fantastic! Now if only we could find a drugstore with a tube tester. With cool equipment like this and tube TV troubleshooting guides popping up there is sure to be demand for tube testers once again?

"The basic design has been around for a long time (50 years or so). The problem with early applications was that it was difficult to force it to operate in a linear manner. It can only function in a class-A mode with both tubes always conducting. The reason this circuit is attractive is that it eliminates the need for a phase splitter stage. It requires only a single-ended driver. The advent of solid state electronics provided a solution to the problem. A simple application of a common LM317 IC voltage regulator converts it to a very accurate constant current source (CCS). Using a CCS in the cathode circuit of the SIPP stage forces it to operate in class-A. What was a sort of a mediocre output stage thus becomes highly accurate and quite excellent."