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October 12, 2009

NES USB Drive with Security

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Joe from ProtoDojo has made a NES USB Drive with Security out of his old NES controller. Instead of simply hacking the device with a USB drive he wanted to use the controller buttons to add some extra security to the device. When the device is plugged into the computer nothing happens until you enter in the Konami code. When the code is entered in correctly a relay pulls in and applies power to the internal USB drive allowing it to be seen by the computer.

Via: Hack A Day

"It’s fairly straight forward. The arduino constantly polls the controller for button states. When you push a button, it stores that value in an array which always holds the most recent 10 values. Whenever you push the start button, it checks the stored array against a separate array which contains the values for the konami code."

Retro Gamer Drive (Konami Code NES Controller Flash Drive) from ProtoDojo on Vimeo.


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5 Responses to “NES USB Drive with Security”

  1. Jeremy C Says:

    An arduino is way too over powered for this type of device. Also a transistor would be more than sufficient for powering a flash drive.

  2. NES Controller USB Drive with built in security | Geeky Gadgets Says:

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  4. John Says:

    This is cool, I like the idea of extending user interaction into the mod. It strikes me that a similar approach could be adapted to other things that one might wish a bit more security for.

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