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October 6, 2009

Gyrowheel – Next Generation Bike Training Wheel

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The goal of Gyrowheel might be to enable our children to learn how to ride a bike as well as MURATA BOY. The Gyrowheel will probably not spell the end to normal training wheels because of the increased complexity and therefore cost. But it certainly has many advantages over conventional training wheels so I would not be surprised to see it come as standard equipment on small bikes in the near future.
Via: Dvice

"Gyrowheel, revolutionizes how children can learn to ride a bike and renders training wheels obsolete. Gyrowheel senses unbalanced biking and re-centers the bike underneath the rider’s weight at the point when tipping starts to occur. With Gyrowheel, riders experience a faster, safer, easier and more fun way to learn to ride a bike."