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October 3, 2009

Guitar Hero DIY Repair Guides

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Guitar Hero is very popular these days but like any piece of equipment that gets tons of use it will break or wear out. The basic warranty is only 90 days so fixing it yourself will become necessary in many situations. Have a look at the Guitar Hero DIY Repair Guides from the guys at 5FRETS for some great tips.

"Unfortunately, the Guitar Hero World Tour guitar has notoriously unreliable and failure-prone strumbar switches – sometimes failing right out of box! I bought mine during the October 2008 midnight release and it lasted about 4 months before it started doublestrumming on its own. At first I noticed the menu jumping two songs when I only clicked one, and shortly afterwards it ruined my gameplay."


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3 Responses to “Guitar Hero DIY Repair Guides”

  1. gman Says:

    well, this could definitely be useful to someone like me who breaks everything he touches! : D

  2. Guitar Hero DIY – How to Repair Guitar Hero! Says:

    […] Is your Guitar Hero broken?¬† No worries, you can refer¬† to the various different situations for fixing Guitar Hero over at 5Frets.com. (via hackedgadgets) […]

  3. waqas Says:

    this would be useful for anyone who breaks things easily

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