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October 2, 2009

555 Timer based Servo Tester

at 10:37 am. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks


Gadget Gangster has a new project called the Simple Servo Tester. It allows you to plug in up to two servo motors and test them with a simply turn of a dial. You can purchase the project in kit for here if you are interested in adding this to your test equipment.

"A little bigger than a postage stamp, the Simple Servo Tester lets you control two digital or analog servos without using a transmitter or receiver, just plug in your battery pack to start testing. Use it to check your servos before installing them into your models or to center your servos when setting up linkages. The Simple Servo Tester can also be tuned to precisely center your servos – Some manufactures consider 1.520 milliseconds to be center while others use 1.500 milliseconds. Use it anytime you want to operate a servo but don’t want to get out your RC equipment!"