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September 29, 2009

DIY Bullet Speed Meter for Coil Guns

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Megavolts.nl built a speed meter that can monitor the speed of his coil gun bullets. The bullet trips an entry beam and an exit beam which are at a known distance apart, this allows the speed of the bullet to be calculated and displayed. The build is detailed and includes code and schematics. Here is a Google English translation. Big thanks to the creator for translating the project to English!


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8 Responses to “DIY Bullet Speed Meter for Coil Guns”

  1. mikheil Says:

    as i know this will not be good idea because bullet or object which you shoot out from hole or something it may be still accelerating it’s speed so measuring at front of the gun it is not good idea. god idea is to measure in the middel or at three points at start, middle, and at the end
    the speed has speed and that called acceleration but the acceleration also has speed i have no idea what that called
    if someone knows please comment and do not start there is no such thing or something similar

  2. Neil Says:

    @ mikheil:

    As soon as the projectile leaves the magnetic field of the gun, there is NO forward acceleration. There is deceleration because of air drag, and a downward acceleration due to gravity. On exit from the driving force (electric/magnetic field), forward acceleration is possible only if it is expelling mass (a rocket) or if there is another forward force on the projectile.


  3. mikheil Says:

    oh yes you right Neil
    i forgot this was a coil gun

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