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September 28, 2009

DIY Game of Life Build using a PIC 12F683

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Droky sent in a great DIY Game of Life Build that uses a PIC 12F683. There are lots of details and he also provides the board layout and the PIC code so you could make your own. The capacitive sensors are a nice touch, the board also looks very well done!
Here is the English Google translated version.

"As it did not have enough memory on the PIC, I broke the screen with a grid and thus convert the 84×48 array of pixels in a 25×17 matrix (405 cells) that I do fit in the RAM of the PIC. The next problem was to calculate the next generation, and he needed two RAM arrays, one for the incoming generation and one for output. I’ve solved by calculating the next generation line by line and using a LIFO stack of type 2 levels on 2 variables of type vector."

Game of life from Droky on Vimeo.