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September 23, 2009

AION game played using Treadmill and Wiimote sensing Flapping

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The guys over at Mana Potions have developed a cool new way to play the new AION and get some exercise at the same time. Looks like running and flapping at the same time may be kind of hard but it is a good idea to get a bit of a workout. I wonder how long it will be before more game consoles and game manufactures make exercise part of the required game play?


"We used a Targus Bluetooth adapter and installed Blue Soleil to connect our wiimotes to our PC. Blue Soleil is great, because it doesn’t require a passkey when you pair the PC with the wiimotes. Once the wiimotes were connected, we used GlovePIE to translate the data from the wiimotes into useful keypresses in Aion. The keys are a piece of cake to map, but getting the script to accurately represent flap speed using the accelerometers in the wiimotes required a couple lines of scripting. The script detects a flap as exceeding a certain acceleration in the relative y-axis of the wiimote, then decides if that flap happened soon enough after the previous flap to count. If so, it stops holding down the F (fall) key and starts holding down the R (rise) key until the flapping becomes too slow."


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