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September 22, 2009

USB to RS232 Adapter Hack

at 4:14 am. Filed under Electronic Hacks


Openschemes shows us how those $10 USB to RS232 adapters can be hacked to provide us a valuable tool. Nice thing about soldering some wires to a few test points on a finished circuit is that the circuit can be put away for use in the future. That never happens to a circuit that was built on a bread board since it will probably be ripped out to make room for another circuit before the original one is needed.

"The most desirable type of adapter uses at least two chips: a USB controller chip such as a microcontroller and a level translator chip such as a MAX232. Other types can be hacked but they will probably need you to dump the firmware, rewrite it, and reprogram the device. That’s fun and all, but for now we’re just looking for a simple and CHEAP way to get a low-voltage USB serial port."