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September 21, 2009

Arduino GPS Game

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This Arduino GPS Game that won the Let Arduino Play contest over at Brico Geek looks like fun. Unlike normal games where you simply interact within the imaginary game space this one uses GPS to bring the game play into the real world. If someone would like to provide a few sentences that describe the game a bit better I would love to publish that. 🙂

ADDED Sept 23 – Thanks for the interpretation.

The aim of the game is to get the ball (small black dot) into the exit box (Big black box). This is done using the real world position of the player through GPS.

An arrow on the display shows the direction the player is facing in the game space in reaction to the GPS data the game reads and the small ‘x’ on screen act as a marker for the player’s position which also changes in reaction to GPS data.

The ball bounces around the screen, to bounce it into the box the player can draw lines on screen by pressing the ‘ok’ button to start a line, walking the required distance and direction, then pushing ‘ok’ to end the line. These will act as new surfaces for the ball to bounce off.