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September 14, 2009

Tesla Turbine Pencil Sharpener

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Now that the kids are going back to school you know how much work it was to get all the supplies ready such as sharpening all those pencils. Next time why not build a Tesla Turbine Pencil Sharpener to speed up the process. 🙂 We have featured lots of Tesla Turbine projects in the past such as the blender turbine and and the hard drive tesla turbine, I am sure this won’t be the last one.

Thanks Rick.

"It uses what is possibly the worlds simplest turbine. It’s made as a CD jewel case, using two CD discs and four magnets as the rotor. The magnets between the discs act as spacers and magnetic drive. It has no shaft, no bearings, and no seals, and on compressed air attains speeds of up to 8000 rpm. The turbine is magnetically coupled to the pencil sharpener and propels it at speeds up to 2200 rpm (so far!). It takes down a pencil real fast! The somewhat dangerous Tesla Turbine Pencil Sharpener is housed in a tough clear polycarbonate enclosure in case of imminent failure. The system runs on free energy gathered daily via solar panel, battery, 12 volt air compressor and air tank."