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September 9, 2009

Commodore 64 on iPhone

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Remember the C-64? Mine is long gone but I still have the memories… I still remember typing pages of HEX codes from the pages of various C-64 magazines to play the simple game of the month. You can now bring back the past in the palm of your hand thanks to the power of the iPhone. Manomio has put lots of work in the emulator and it is a bargain at $4.99.

Via Apple Phone Hacks

"The $4.99 C64 emulator costs $4.99 and includes 5 games: Dragons Den, Le Mans, Jupiter Lander, Arctic Shipwreck, and Jack Attack. Additional separately sold game packs will be coming soon. With the C64 emulator approved, Manomio is also clear to pursue further licensing deals and they have said they are actively working on adding new titles."


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11 Responses to “Commodore 64 on iPhone”

  1. D Says:

    You should have done some more research. Thos was pulled from the App Store because it can run BASIC which is a violation of Apples terms.

  2. I Says:

    “Apple originally rejected the emulator, called simply C64, some months ago. Developer Manomio appealed against the decision, which was apparently made because the software included a Commodore Basic interpreter.”

    Manomio then “hid” the interpreter, Apple let it through and then lo and behold someone figured out how to reactivate it. Apple have since pulled it again although Manomio have reissued a version that apparently doesn’t contain the interpreter ….


  3. Marco Says:

    gee thanx. I got all excited again- only to find out you missed the big news that it was pulled!

    damnit Apple, you are making it hard for me to like you!

  4. vic Says:

    It had been accepted after the BASIC interpreter had been removed by the author, but someone found a bug allowing access to the shell so it was removed from the store soon after. Presumably this would allow people to write BASIC programs and do stuff on their phones without Apple’s approval and without paying for it. Unacceptable. Apple is everything but open, never has been and never will be.

  5. The voice in your head Says:

    They pulled it because people could write BASIC in the sandbox of a virtual C64? Truly sad.

  6. Berni Says:


    Apple got rid of it because of that? Now thats stupid… For pocket PCs Microsoft gives you a free C and VB compiler for there OS!

  7. Marco Says:

    Cuz a C64 emulator is considered a Virtual machine, and you are not allowed to distribute something, that can run arbitrary code, without Apple first having something to say about it…

  8. The voice in your head Says:

    I guess they need to pull their own web browser then? Or does it not support Javascript?

  9. Marco Says:

    Which is (the JS VM) sandboxed to death.

  10. yon Says:


  11. Commodore 64 on iPhone… Why not? Says:

    […] ported Windows 95 so I would think this wouldn’t have been to difficult…Clipped from hackedgadgets.comSee more at hackedgadgets.com  To leave a comment […]

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