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August 26, 2009

Headbang Hero

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If you like Guitar Hero and had some long hair in the 80’s that you are missing this game is for you. Tiago Martins, Ricardo Nascimento and Andreas Zingerle have been working hard on a system that will bring your headbanging memories back. Strap on the long hair wig controller, load in the game software and rock out with your hair. When you are done have a look at the performance printout to see where you need to improve. Give it a few months and there will be a hack for Headbang Hero just like there was for Guitar Hero that allows a computer to play for you. 🙂

"How does it work?

A special wig is used as a game controller, feeding motion data to the game software. The game then analyses in real time how well is the player’s headbanging following the rhythm of the music.

The game keeps track of two distinct aspects of the player’s performance. The first is the player’s (potentially heroic) sense of style and rhythm as he headbangs along to the music. The second is the amount of health damage the player is causing himself in the quest to become a hero. Opposingly to what happens in games where the player is in control of an avatar, in Headbang Hero what matters is the player’s own health.

When the game ends the player receives a printed health report based on his performance analysis. Included in this report are tips on how to improve the performance and advice on how to avoid injuries."


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3 Responses to “Headbang Hero”

  1. ttsgeb Says:

    “Why don’t you just get real hair and go to a real scream-o concert?”
    Actually, this looks pretty awesome. It seems like a great educational video game in a package you would never expect.

  2. Headbang Hero Says:

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  3. Headbang Hero pour les metaleux | MKT planet - News Web Marketing - Nouvelles Technologies Says:

    […] A voir : Site officiel Source : Hacked Gadgets […]

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