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August 20, 2009

Cheap DIY USB Scope

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If you need a super cheap scope and have a very tight budget this scope is for you. Nothing special but is sure to get the job done.

"It has 2 analog inputs and can supply 5V ont the 4 pins header on the right. One of the inputs can be scaled down with the trim pot. The firmware in the Tiny45 is written in C and compiled with Winavr and usb source code from obdev. As you can see, there is no crystal , the software sync the internal 16.5Mhz pll clock with the USB clock. The cost with a home made pcb is around 5€. Of course, do not expect 1Gs/s HID does not alow that data rate ! But it is using a 10bits AD."


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2 Responses to “Cheap DIY USB Scope”

  1. Almost_There Says:

    5€ = 7.1275 US$

    I got that beat (by just a little bit.) I built one for about $4.50 See

    (You may have to try again later if the Bytes per Hour limit is exceeded.)

  2. Muris Says:

    @Almost_There, I will feature your project on my webpage today, if you don’t have any complaints 🙂

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