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August 10, 2009

Metal Detecting Robot

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Looks like Gareth from Switzerland has completed his next metal finding robot. I am very impressed at the accuracy of the robots ability to find coins. Looks like this robot has a good shot of paying for its creation in no time. You may remember the last version that we featured.

"TB-007 has been fitted with a Wireless Camera so i can sit in my deck chair and watch its progress should it wander off. The Camera is mounted to a servo which also has a Laser pointer attached (see main picture) During “Fine Detect” phase of software loop, the servo positions itsself to look and pinpoint with laser and Video the exact location of Metal Found."


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4 Responses to “Metal Detecting Robot”

  1. Cliff Says:

    Cool beans…
    For the next iteration, can you make it automagically dig up the coin and dump it in a hopper onboard? You could send it out foraging and it would come home with gifts for its master 😉

  2. Robot Building for Beginners | Echelon-Us Says:

    […] Metal Detecting Robot – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog […]

  3. Farle Says:

    Seems like it needs to identify the location of the metal, mark the location (Either electronically or with a tiny flag) then move on. Just so you don’t end up having to recover the metal object everytime it finds something.

  4. Marlene Affeld Says:

    This is so cool – instead of using my metal detector I could turn this little guy loose to wander the desert looking for nuggets while I sat in the shade. Thanks for sharing this new invention.

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