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August 9, 2009

DIY Cheap Soundbooth

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When recording audio you can either look for a very quiet spot or simply build yourself a sound booth. You will no longer need to worry about the noises in your surroundings interfering with your recordings. If you are on a super tight budget you could also replace the foam with egg cartons, it won’t work quite as good but it would still be much better than no booth.

"This is a great project if you need a sound booth with excellent sound quality on a budget. Additionally there is a bonus with this simple design in that the sound booth can be collapsed to save space. For this project you will need a drill, jigsaw, staple gun and razor blade. The key component for your sound booths effectiveness will be the sound proofing material. We chose to use an open cell foam based product that is cut in 2’ X 4’ panels produced by Auralex. We picked ours up from Guitar Center. This material can range greatly in price but you can start your booth at about 2.00 – 5.00 per square foot."


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One Response to “DIY Cheap Soundbooth”

  1. RSMilward Says:

    …and you can feel like you’re on the Star Trek: Next Generation Enterprise bridge at the same time!
    Seriously, I think they used Auralex panels on the walls.

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