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August 6, 2009

Touchable Holography

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The team over at The University of Tokyo have been working on ways to enhance the way we interact with holography. Touch has not been possible until now. The device looks like it would have lots of real world applications.

Thanks for the tip John.

"This project adds tactile feedback to the hovering image in 3D free space. Tactile sensation requires contact with objects, but including a stimulator in the work space dilutes the appearance of holographic images. The Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display solves this problem by producing tactile sensation on a user’s hand without any direct contact and without diluting the quality of the holographic projection."


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13 Responses to “Touchable Holography”

  1. sliders_alpha Says:

    i’m more interested by their ultrasound system,

    what frequency do they use?
    what kind of transducer?
    do they just emmit a frequency or you also need to put a signal in it, etc?

  2. The voice in your head Says:


  3. Maigo Says:

    Um… how about giving us normal people holograms, then you can work on selling us upgrades

  4. mikheil Says:

    i said and i will say again holographic images floating in space are impossible.
    1.it is imposible because you can not stop beam of light in space it will go and go!!!
    i do not mean using fug or paper or something because if you project image on paper it will become 2d same on fug

    if you ask me.
    that think what you showed us it is illusion nothing more. sure the developer had spent lats of time programing, but that is for nothing, do not gate me wrong he did not spent his time for nothing he can use scripts from there in another programs as sources but this project is dead end no point to continue

  5. Macka Says:

    Why is there no point?
    A display like that could be used for gaming, manipulating virtual object in space, it’s lke saying there is no point to accelerometer input devices such as in mice and Wiimotes, it gives us a new way to interact with computers.

  6. sliders_alpha Says:

    i said and i will say again holographic images floating in space are impossible.
    1.it is imposible because you can not stop beam of light in space it will go and go!!!

    lol? yes we can


    i’ll translate for you : infrared lasers are focused on a point and then air at this point is turned into plasma (touch it and you’ll be burned)

    but still, you have a floating hologram, and we can do that since 2006

  7. mikheil Says:

    if it was a real holographic image in space than that would be cool but what it is is a just a 2d image which looks like as 3d holographic image

  8. mikheil Says:

    i am so sorry i thought that would be impossible i see and i do not goat it how does it works. i will do some more research on that.
    but plasma is always hot so i do not recommend to have that device with kids or with irresponsible person
    but looks cool

    and you can not manipulate with hands those plasma objects

  9. Macka Says:

    I think they are using a mirror to help make it appear 3D, and while it isn’t a “real” holographic image, it is still pretty cool and I’m sure would have uses at the very least in entertainment, but quite possibly in other places too. 🙂

  10. mikheil Says:

    i would not like to have such device as tv or monitor no thank you. if you like it go a head and build it.
    do not goat me wrong but what i am saying is what i feel and think

  11. gunther Says:

    yes I will be able to play yugioh the way it was meant to be played

  12. seema Says:

    may i know what are the apllications of this technology?

  13. poo Says:

    Potential application of this technology would be 3d porn

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