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August 1, 2009

Radio Data System info added to Vintage FM Radio

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When you are driving down the road in a modern car and a tune comes on that you don’t know you can press the info button to see who sings it and what the name of the song is. This data is courtesy of the Radio Data System. Edin has made a circuit so that you can add this data to your own radio such as the vintage radio 1957 radio in the picture. All that needs to be done now is install the display into the radio and make it look more like it belongs.

"This project is actually RDS decoder that is realised using TDA7330B RDS demodulator and ATtiny2313 microcontroller. Received and decoded RDS text is displayed on 2×16 HD44780 based LCD display with many options: displaying RDS time, displaying TA (traffic announcements) flag and scrolling 64 characters long RDS text. When you want to connect RDS decoder (www.mictronics.de) to any FM radio, first you need to locate phase discriminator (actually FM signal detector). On it’s output along with audio signal there is stereo carrier signal as well as MPX on 57 kHz that carries RDS information, so we just need to connect to that point through 470pF capacitor and that’s it. Of course, GND should be connected also."


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