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July 31, 2009

Super Speed Robot Hands

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I would like to see this crazy robot play a match of table tennis with a human. Prepare to be amazed, these videos are unbelievable!

Via: Hack a Day and Bot Junkies

"Interactions in the real world (not only physical but also social and psychological interactions) are inherently parallel phenomena. By constructing models and engineering systems that take into account such parallelism, one can expect a better understanding of the real world as well as enhanced performance of systems when dealing with practical applications. These fundamental considerations lead us to concentrate on parallel processing for sensory information. Four main related topics are currently being explored in Ishikawa-Komuro Laboratory:

  1. Sensor Fusion theory and implementation in engineering systems;
  2. Dynamic Image Control Dynamic control of image based on high-speed visual information processing;
  3. Massively parallel image processing through a Vision Chip, which is capable of realizing high-speed real-time vision tasks on the basis of VLSI technology, and
  4. Meta Perception concerns ways of capturing, manipulating and presenting information which is normally inaccessible to humans and machines.
  5. (Past research on Optics in Computing: architectures that combine the advantages of optics and electronics to realize enormous computing throughput)."


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12 Responses to “Super Speed Robot Hands”

  1. Kirio Says:

    This is realy amazing. I look forward to see more of this!

  2. High-speed robotic hands | SKYLARKERS Says:

    […] more @ Hacked Gadgets) Featured, Robots-Artificial Inteligence, […]

  3. Pouncer Says:

    Just think when these start giving hair cuts. You wouldn’t know it messed up and cut off your ear until after the hair cut was done, and paid for.

  4. Sleepwalker Says:

    This stuff is just freaky cool 😀 … Now we`ll see robots in rodeos that tie up a small bull in mater of “nanosec.” 😛
    And for the baseball stuff … we`ll the batter will hit every time now I guess 😛 lol

    Still research thou, but man it would be cool to see what or where as a product this stuff will end up.
    Our own Ping Pong master trainer on a year ore two ? Can`t wait 😀

    I whant one NOW! … Hack and mod it to do other cool stuff 😀

  5. Mitch Says:

    Wow. That is all

  6. Travis Says:

    There is a better video (from ICRA 2009 robotics conference) over on Hizook.com — http://www.hizook.com/blog/2009/08/03/high-speed-robot-hand-demonstrates-dexterity-and-skillful-manipulation

  7. Prezentylio Says:

    Nice 🙂

  8. High-Speed Robot Hand Demonstrates Dexterity and Skillful Manipulation - Amazing Crap Says:

    […] admin on Aug.24, 2009, under General A few blogs are passing around videos of the Ishikawa Komuro Lab’s high-speed robot hand […]

  9. [Hizook] High-Speed Robot Hand Demonstrates Dexterity and Skillful Manipulation - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net Says:

    […] http://hackaday.com/2009/07/30/amazing-robot-dexterity/ http://hackedgadgets.com/2009/07/31/…d-robot-hands/ __________________ Its gonna be like perana on a rotting cow in there when it happens…I’m […]

  10. Talk to the hand « PDQ Science Gateway Says:

    […] A few blogs are passing around videos of the Ishikawa Komuro Lab’s high-speed robot hand performing impressive acts of dexterity and skillful manipulation.  However, the video being passed around is slight on details.  Meanwhile, their video presentation at ICRA 2009 (which took place in May in Kobe, Japan) has an informative narration and demonstrates additional capabilities.  I have included this video below, which shows the manipulator dribbling a ping-pong ball, spinning a pen, throwing a ball, tying knots, grasping a grain of rice with tweezers, and tossing / re-grasping a cellphone! […]

  11. 高速灵巧机械手 | 人工智能&机器人 Says:

    […] Super Speed Robot Hands 添加到美味书签Share this on FacebookTweet This!添加到百度搜藏添加到QQ书签添加到收客网添加到Google书签添加到雅虎书签Post this to MySpaceShare this on LinkedinDigg this!Buzz up!添加到新浪 vivi添加到有道书签添加到diglogShare this on FriendFeed 相关文章:拥有感觉的人造手电荷藕合器件CCD图像传感器简介2009东京国际机器人展览家务机器人[转载]机器人能做出伦理选择么? […]

  12. Loligo Blog Says:

    Actuator technology with sensory feedback… videos…

    The issue (imo) is not simply speed/accuracy, but accuracy within a range of slow-to-fast.

    See also:

    the entry at Hacked Gadget


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