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July 27, 2009

MIDI Shoe Hack

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This shoe hack allows you to play MIDI with you shoes! No more boring walking around, now you can play a tune where every you go. 🙂

"I’ve put together a pair of shoes that, with a little help from an Arduino, will let me trigger MIDI signals. There are FSRs (Force Sensitive Resistors) in the heels and toes of the shoes, which serve as the tap sensors. Basically, an FSR, without any applied pressure, is like a break in a circuit (i.e. has infinite resistance), and as you apply more force, it becomes less and less resistive. So, if we hook up one end of an FSR to a voltage source and the other to the Arduino’s analog input, we can send a signal to the Arduino every time we apply pressure to the FSR. We can then take this signal, convert it into MIDI, and start making sounds. I used the Serial-MIDI Converter from Spikenzie Labs. The serial-MIDI conversion could likely be performed in MAX or otherwise manually, but this does the trick and saved me some time. For the actual sounds I used Garageband, but you could use MAX, Ableton Live, etc."


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7 Responses to “MIDI Shoe Hack”

  1. MIDI Shoe Hack - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog | Information Technology Says:

    […] post: MIDI Shoe Hack – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog View admin’s Profile      Subscribe via RSS RelatedBookmarksTags […]

  2. dB Says:

    There are a lot of these amazing music gadget innovations but for some reason none of them are put to some good use.
    This idea is great but as the video shows, totally useless when used by someone like that.

  3. Pouncer Says:

    Weird aplication, but cool.

  4. Kaitlyn Young Says:

    Great idea for dance lovers.It would be very funny and sensuous to see these dancing shoes.I also want to wear it once.

  5. shdwtek Says:

    I can finally have my own danger music…

  6. Macka Says:

    That last one would be awesome for walking down dark alleys and in to rooms 😛

  7. Edward jackson Says:

    Just wanted to know, did you guys ever try this with an actual tap dancer? Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

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