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July 24, 2009

Inline Skating on a Roller Coaster

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Check out this guy Inline Skating on a Roller Coaster. What some people will do for fun!!! There used to be a video up on Youtube but it got pulled. If anyone knows of a new video location please post it in the comments.

UPDATE. Thanks to HUB for finding a new version of the video. Not sure how long it will stay up…

Via: Gizmodo and TechEBlog

"An adrenaline junkie has taken in-line skating to new heights and set a new world record after racing down a roller coaster at speeds of 56mph. Dirk Auer decided to go where no sane man or woman had gone before and skated down an 860 metre track in just over a minute. Wearing specially designed in-line skates, the German made the attempt on the Mammoth roller coaster at the Trips Drill theme park in Stuttgart."