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July 17, 2009

Hydro-Electric Wave Energy Converter

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In the latest Nasa Tech Briefs magazine there is a great article about the latest technology in creating energy from our surroundings. The Oyster is a machine that has been developed by Aquamarine Power to harness the power of the sea to generate electricity.
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"Of the several forms of hydropower, wave and tidal power are rising in popularity. Wave motion might yield more energy than tides, and its feasibility has been particularly investigated in Scotland and in the UK. Wave and tidal power plant developer Aquamarine Power of Edinburg, Scotland plans to develop 1 gigawatt of wave and tidal power by 2020.

Aquamarine’s Oyster® wave power device is meant to be deployed at short depths of 10-12 meters, and is designed to capture the energy found in amplified surge forces in near-shore ocean waves. The system consists of a simple oscillating wave surge converter, or pump, fitted with double-acting water pistons. Each passing wave activates the pump, which delivers high-pressure water via a subsea pipeline to the shore. Its offshore component is a simple, highly reliable mechanical flap with minimal submerged moving parts. Onshore, the high-pressure water is converted to electrical power using conventional hydroelectric generators. Any excess energy is spilled over the top of the device’s flap — its rotational capacity allowing it to duck under the waves. Oyster is unique in that it starts generating electricity in almost calm sea conditions and can continue generating during storms."


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5 Responses to “Hydro-Electric Wave Energy Converter”

  1. Shadow Says:

    Also make a good border defence method

  2. Les liens (en vrac) du Dimanche. #2 | www.semageek.com Says:

    […] Vu sur : hackedgadgets.com […]

  3. bryan ribas Says:

    future here we come

  4. Scott Says:

    The text indicates hydro power conversion while the picture shows it being used as a pressure source for a reverse osmosis desalinator (a better use given the efficiencies involved).

  5. Ocean Energy Says:

    […] &#72ydro-Electr&#105c W&#97ve Ener&#103y Converter – Ha&#99ked Gadgets – &#68IY Te&#99&#104 Blog […]

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