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July 16, 2009

3 Shot Taser Gun Demonstration

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Some jobs have great perks, it may be a company car, a great benefits package, free food, etc. If you were to work for Taser you could add taser guinea pig to the list of perks. The X3 Taser can shoot 3 times in a row and keep all 3 shots energized at the same time!

Via: Popular Science





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8 Responses to “3 Shot Taser Gun Demonstration”

  1. Maigo Says:

    Sure… you could zap 3 people… or you could zap the same crackhead 3 times and kill them

  2. Derek Says:

    And all three taser subjects are women… lol

    When the one on the right got zapped, it made me think of an overpowered shock collar on a purse-dog.

  3. Taser demo three-way X3 electro-shock on own staff [Video] - SlashGear Says:

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  4. vic Says:

    I think we live in a strange (and sad) world when shooting a sometimes lethal weapon at three women is a cause for cheers and applause.

  5. Pouncer Says:

    maybe it’s good for crowd control. where the crowd is all women, they are facing away from you, and not moving. Yeah that sounds like a typical rowdy crowd to me. Oh, and I would certainly stand there waiting for my turn to be tazered when the guy next to me goes down.

  6. winandmac 香港版 | 可連發三下的電槍 Says:

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  7. d Says:

    I dont understand why people think that the taser is a lethal weapon. it is another non lethal tool for law enforcement to use so nobody is injured seriously.

  8. Sgt Says:

    I’ve been hit by the X2, the Ice Shield, Taser, and OC gas. In my state to use the stuff you have to get hit by the stuff. I hate to break it to all of you non supporters, dont belive everything you hear on the news. These are some of the best tools law enforcement have when use properly. I wish I could count times that these tools have saved my skin.

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