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July 12, 2009

Brain Machine Interface Robot – Control this Robot with your Mind

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The Honda Asimo robot has recently got a HMI upgrade. Instead of using joysticks and buttons the Asimo can now be controlled using mind control! We have seen this mind control technology in the past but not controlling a physical robot.

"Japan scientists at the Honda Research Institute have unveiled the world’s first brain to machine interface. Dubbed BMI short for Brain Machine Interface this new technology system will enable people to control robots using their mind."


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10 Responses to “Brain Machine Interface Robot – Control this Robot with your Mind”

  1. The voice in your head Says:

    Sweet. The video doesn’t work though. “Invalid parameters.”

  2. Wolf Says:

    Japans next breakthrough: Asimo version II, now 20m tall with machine guns and a jet pack

  3. Haku Says:

    Didn’t I see that in the beginning of The Empire Strikes back?

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Voice,

    It works for me. Give it a try again I think Youtube may have been doing some work on the system.

  5. Maigo Says:

    Err, thats the samething as moving a mouse pointer with your brain? To even say it’s the first is CLEARLY a lie

  6. mikheil Says:

    —> maigo
    no it is same but it is more complex because not only you are moving mouse in x and y but you are moving hand in x,y and z so in real 3d world i do not see anything in this vid but i think the human will be able to control each robot joints by that machine. know think every joint in x,y and z. how much data you have to capture from human brain?
    a lot
    and translate that raw data in usable data which can be used by the robot computer in real time

    think know not same huh?
    sorry for bad English

  7. Brion Rogers Says:

    I wonder what happens if you wear it while you’re asleep?

  8. mikheil Says:

    ha ha good one —>Brion

  9. human memory Says:

    Wonderful innovation. Especially the video presentation was really excellent.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    what I think it does is use the brain interface to trigger pre-programmed movements. imo, this isn’t any more complex then using the interface to trigger a mouse movement in + or -, x or y directions. you’re just telling the computer “trigger left hand wave” or “trigger song and dance” or “trigger kill all humans!”. it’s no more complex then moving a mouse cursor. lets see some more complex thought reading. this video is awesome, but I know we can do better!

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