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July 11, 2009

Guess what this isn’t contest – 5

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The sponsor this week is Tokyo Flash, that’s right the company that makes the crazy watches that we featured here some time ago. Believe it or not the watches have gotten crazier than the last time I saw them. How cool would it be if no one else could read the time on you watch unless you taught them how to do it. 🙂

No emails this time, we are going to do another Guess what this isn’t contest. We had lots of fun on the last one! Simply reply in the comments what this device isn’t and let us know the watch you would pick from Tokyo Flash. 🙂 Make it funny, crazy, weird… Just use your imagination. You can enter more than once if you come up with more than one thought. With a short vote the best comment will win the prize. The prize this week is any watch from Tokyo Flash! This contest will run from July 11- July 16, 2009 . Ending time is based on central standard time.

Have a look at my first comment for an example entry.


Added July 29, 2009

The winner is comment 59.

"Although it has been cunningly camouflaged with its surroundings. It is most definitely DARPA’s untested and highly dangerous new large scale mortar like 3D printer version 1.2. It uses a Gama radiation range finding system operating at close to 1 ZHz (zettahertz) giving it accuracy to 1/10,000,000,000,000 of a millimeter; this accuracy is vital as it needs to calculate the exact trajectory to fire the construction medium (sand stone) many hundreds of feet into the air and reach its precise destination in order to construct much needed temporary housing for the many beached aquatic mammals that appear ever more frequently these days."

The winner is Alban


Below is a picture of the cool Kisai Denshoku watch, the Tenmetsu is also very cool!


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146 Responses to “Guess what this isn’t contest – 5”

  1. VintagePC Says:

    and it’s most certainly not what happened to Grandma’s old washing machine… *shifty eyes*

  2. Brion Rogers Says:

    That device is not a prototype for future colonscopy cameras to accomodate the rise in obesity.

    Nor is that device a skeleton for the brontosaurus from Jurassic Park.

    I like the Saishin Retsu, good size, small band, and you could totally convince people it was a wrist mounted Geiger counter.


  3. highschool dropout Says:

    This is most defiantly not a new mass enemata or enemas tool for patients dealing with constipation and encopresis. Despite the Obama Stimulus Package and push towards unified health care, this product is not the one stop solution for those needing extra assistance in bowel stimulation.


  4. sixer Says:

    This is not a doomsday device designed by a mad scientist to extort the world for Millions of dollars. Muwahahaha. What appears to be a sprinkler head is actually a highly tuned drilling tool that can locate and identify weak plate tectonics. The water hose is actually a tubular drill bit that guides the head to the weak plate joints and expresses cold fusion on plates and lava pockets causing earthquakes, and environmental storms to savagely attack the world.

    It is also not a butter dispersing machine for the world’s biggest bucket of popcorn.


  5. Jimmy Jo Bob Says:

    It’s actually kind of embarrassing that you found a photo of one of these machines. Out in the country they are rather plentiful but we like to keep them hidden out of fear and ridicule from city folk.

    Essentially the machine is a outhouse pump farm fertilizer, I believe that particular model is known as the great green urine disperser 1200. All you have to do is lower the black hose that is wound up into the outhouse commode – (homemade porta potty). Turn it on and watch out. It will draw the human made fertilizer into the big ol’ water reel.

    From there it gets sprinkled out the end onto field, farmland, or occasion feuding family home.

    Typically this is done once every six months to avoid too much defecation build up.

    Kisai Sensai has pretty lights on it.

  6. MIKE WORDEN Says:


  7. MIKE WORDEN Says:


  8. MIKE WORDEN Says:

    No-wait, this can’t be the new device I have heard so much about that delivers split pea soup to unsuspecting tourist in French cafe’s with a touch of whipped cream and paparika. No. It certinly is not that. I am sure. You cannot get me to admit that is it, because it isn’t. I’ve seen several of them in action and they are red. Case closed.

  9. MIKE WORDEN Says:

    Why do so many people submit s suggewtion of what IS when it is clearly NOT a dry heave machine?

  10. MIKE WORDEN Says:

    This is too simple. It is NOT an ATM model 4000 K with exact change verification either on screen or printed on the customer’s transaction ticket.

  11. VintagePC Says:

    It’s also not the latest anti-cow-tipping device… If your prankster tries to tip one of these, well… lets just say he’ll be in for a surprise!

  12. skillphiliac Says:

    Well… the untrained eye might consider the beginning of a new attempt to establish a tube-network throughout the country… needless to say it is not.

    Why would we need them anyway? We already have the tubes! Tubes!

    Oh and also, this is not my telescope. Mine is blue.

  13. Brion Rogers Says:

    It is not the newest breed of USB flash drive capable of pulling data straight from the atmosphere using its newly integrated 802.11n based hose-antenna capable of reaching ranges exceed well over 5 km.

    It may also not be what killed Wiley Coyote.

    The Star Performer IP Black is for sure a nice consideration of functionality and sleek design.

  14. VintagePC Says:

    And it’s most certainly not the latest watch from TokyoFlash – It must be one of their competitors’ wristwatches outdated sundials.


  15. VintagePC Says:

    Well, so much for HTML tags…. For the above entry, “wristwatches” should have been in strikeout tags… as in ” –wristwatches– outdated sundials.

  16. Chris Rouse Says:

    It isnt the new prototype straight from the Hasbro factory of there new super soaker, the super soaker vaporizer, using sulphuric acid instead of water, this is also only a prototype the finish product will twice the size.

  17. VintagePC Says:

    Which would also not make it the device that is going to eliminate the world’s supply of sulfuric acid!

  18. Clifdweller Says:

    A)(waves hand)These are not the droids you are looking for.

    b) This is definatly not the original death star weapon prototype modified to be a lawn care implement. It totally worked i swear. Please mr vader, my neck; I haven’t had any children yet.

    the black rogue watch looks cool.

  19. Clifdweller Says:

    No this is not a transformer and no that hose is not his 100 meter black phallus. Gosh Brian why do you always do this. Everything is not a metaphor for male genitalia. edit( this statement excludes Herman Melville’s all time classic Moby Dick <- ? why dick, that’s not a blatant innuendo)

  20. mark crowley Says:

    this is not the new Iphone 4g marketing promoter prototype. With Steve Jobs back at work there is no way this machines is necessary for Iphone to dominate the market even with there terrible contract with AT&T. The black cable is designed to wrap around its current customers and keep them from finding a reasonable rate plan with tethering to laptops capabilities and a full functioning 3G signal. The sprinkler system bombards the current users with propaganda on how the iphone 4G has a shiny bell on it compared to the iphone 3G S and you must purchase it or be left behind.

  21. mark crowley Says:

    The worst part is that I typed that message while in an Apple store waiting to upgrade my Iphone 3G to 3G S because I want the Compass to enhance my GPS functionality and voice commands on my itunes.

  22. Tony Hall Says:

    It’s a wacky inflatable arm flailing tube man.

    Still like the Denshoku

  23. Brion Rogers Says:

    It’s not the Internet 3, the hose is not a space-age 1 tb fiber optic connection nor are the wheels covered in synthetic setae-like projections that make it capable of dragging the cable across the pond to our friends in Europe.

    The Independent ITT21-5101 is pretty sweet, but i still think the Star Performer Black is whats up

  24. Jerome Says:

    It is a automatic spaghetti maker to feed mass of people at the same time.

    I love this watch the Independent ita21-5142

  25. Joshua Shultis Says:

    Actually I just saw this the other day, it is a new hydro powered wrist watch from non other than http://www.tokyoflash.com.
    It is called the Hydro-ma-time
    According to the website it looks like the user has up a 50 Meter radial distance that he/she can be from the direct source of pressurized water, ie (neighbors water spiket, fire hydrant, etc…)
    You can even get 3rd party hoses to increase your distance from water source up to 300 Meters!!


    I like the:
    Pimp Star Performer

  26. Brion Rogers Says:

    It is not a sterling-engine powered 3-axis CNC plasma router with dimensions measuring 24’x 24′

    Star Performer Black is still suweet

  27. VintagePC Says:

    It’s also not a giant “hamsterhuman-ball”…
    I for one welcome our new robot hamster overlords.


  28. VintagePC Says:

    Based on answers 7E and 11E here: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2001/12/06/the_trivia_quiz_bofhstyle/
    I’d wager it’s (not) an early hard-drive (RA80 or so) after the BOFH is through with it 🙂


  29. mark crowley Says:

    This is not a snipe hunter. You let the sprinkler roll away out of sight spraying snipe pheromones. Once the snipe sees/smells/senses the sprinkler it gets extremely excited and will attempt to mate with the sprinkler head. Once you feel the tugging at the water real you merely slowly pull the sprinkler back in. Snipes are very elusive and the average elementary school student can spend all night searching for one to no avail.

    The main problem is that a horny snipe is rather easy to catch but once the pheromones wear off the snipe normally escapes. This machine makes it possible to subdue the snipe in their weakened state. This is a must have item for any first time camper.


  30. VintagePC Says:

    It’s most definitely not something that’s going to win many of us posters a watch…


  31. Bored reader Says:

    If you wrote more than 10 sentences you are probably trying to hard. I could barely read the 2 posters with novels written. Also the 1 line responses were sometimes witty but needed more. Not sure the criteria but think about 75 words or less. Perpetual energy and beer could have cut it in half and made a much more enjoyable comment. Just my opinion. I also crack up on the lawnbot transformer post. Much better than the other transformer post or the 2 super soaker posts or the numerous enama posts.

  32. will Says:

    Its BRÜNOs newest toy

  33. will Says:

    sorry its not BRÜNOs newest toy

  34. VintagePC Says:

    It’s almost certainly not one of Theo Jansens’s ( http://www.strandbeest.com/ ) newest autonomous creations… doomed to walk the “fields of track” forever in search of new sources of energy… (wind? water? humans?)

    I agree with #131- Short witty posts are better than mini-novels. If you need to explain yourself too much, your post loses its kick.


  35. VintagePC Says:

    It’s also not the Continuum Transfunctioner from “Dude, where’s my car?”…


  36. mark crowley Says:

    so who won

  37. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Mark,

    The winner will be chosen within one week.

  38. Juan Cubillo Says:

    Any winner so far? who’s the lucky guy with a watch on his wrist?

  39. Mike Coles Says:

    Yes, inquiring minds want to know!!

  40. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Juan and Mike,

    There are a few of us who are voting internally and selecting the winner. I just need to get all the results in and the winner will be selected.

  41. Juan Cubillo Says:

    And the winner is: ________

  42. MIKE WORDEN Says:

    And the winner you chose for the “What this isn’t” contest submitted a “What thi IS.” Ironic.

  43. mark crowley Says:

    did i miss something? who won?

  44. Juan Cubillo Says:

    huh? winner has already been chosen?

  45. Alan Parekh Says:

    Winner announced.

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    […] we are going to do another Guess what this isn’t contest since we had lots of fun with the last one! Simply reply in the comments with your guess at what this device isn’t AND let us know what […]

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