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July 5, 2009

XBox 360 Laptop Version 5

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Ben Heck has just finished his latest hack which is version 5 of the XBox 360 Laptop. This time it looks even more polished than the previous versions. Unfortunately the laptop is spoken for so if you want one of these special units you may have to shell out some big bucks.

Via: Techeblog

“A few months ago I announced that I would be building a few more Xbox 360 portables, and well, here’s one now! While it looks similar to the previous model it’s once again a from-scratch redesign and has the following features:

  • Built-in Ethernet port, finally.
  • Built in WIFI adapter, as usual.
  • Digital pushbutton volume control rather than a clunky knob. I used a different audio amp as well, and it sounds a lot better.
  • Flush-mount DVD door and side panels (such as the memory card slots)
  • IR sensor for the remote control.
  • Two user USB ports.
  • More air holes!
  • Jasper motherboard.”



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13 Responses to “XBox 360 Laptop Version 5”

  1. mikheil Says:

    nice mode but!!
    1st i hate xbox i think ps3 is better then xbox
    at least that is what i think

    2nd i hate all of them i prefer playing on pc
    and this is not only what i think a lot of people think this way

  2. chase Says:

    i would love this so much if i had it. i would ggive my other xbox for this. its amazing. u can play it anywhere. i would love it!

  3. chase Says:

    if i had the right materials and the shell and screen i would make this in a heartbeat. no doubt about it. amazing work! u r an xbox god!

  4. chase Says:

    i want one sooooo bad! i would give my system, controller, and headset for it! ah ur so lucky u know how to make them.

  5. chase Says:


  6. chase Says:

    so if ur ever giving one away please let me know. i would take it in a heartbeat. and i would use it all the time! i would be on it 24/7. so if ur ever giving one away i will definately take it.

  7. chase Says:

    dang!!!!! i want one more than anything!!!!!! i need it!!!!!!

  8. وب سایت:فرهنگی،هنری،اجتماعی،خبری.برای شما » بایگانی بلاگ » سری پنجم ایکس باکس 360 لپ تاپی Says:

    […] منبع […]

  9. سری پنجم ایکس باکس 360 لپ تاپی Says:

    […] برای ديدن بقیه تصاوير به ادامه مطلب برويد. منبع […]

  10. Ian Says:

    how do i get one!!!!!
    so cool

  11. [GAME] PS3のラップトップ化DIY « iPhone&ガジェ 8casetteBLOG Says:

    […] 他にもATARI([ATARI] 感動のATARI 800 Laptop! 自作ガジェットの最高傑作!)とかXBOX360(XBox 360 Laptop Version 5 – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog)とかいろいろラップトップ化されてるんだけど、全部入りラップトップを見てみたいね! […]

  12. Brodie R.S. Says:

    How much would you sell one for?????? id love to have

  13. The Ben Heck Show - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] Heckendorn is known for his crazy hacks like the XBox 360 Laptop. He is hosting a web show on Revision 3 called The Ben Heck Show. The show will be broken up into 2 […]

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