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July 3, 2009

Human Camcorder

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Who says our youth are out of shape because of all the video game playing they do? These guys were probably influenced by a video game but have probably taken it a bit farther than is healthy. With a camcorder strapped to his head the guy does some Spider-Man like moves. I don’t see any camera trickery but who knows…



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15 Responses to “Human Camcorder”

  1. yon Says:

    mirror’s edge? XD

  2. jim Says:

    its fake or a viral add for somthing, watch vid 1 he jumps from bus 1 to bus 2 and stays standing up and looking ahead!! if you then look closly at vid 2 (headcam) he seems to land and slide!! maybe im wrong but it seems that way to me

  3. ttsgeb Says:

    Actually, it seem that the camera moves when he lands, if you look at the normal video, you can see him readjusting it after he jumps off of the bus.

  4. Filip Says:

    VIRAL FOR HTC HERO (mobile phone) … they should thank you for free advertising … geez … even the “fake amateur style” is ssooooooo obviously showing that it’s a viral 🙁 …. is this what HG is becoming ???

  5. Vladimir Says:

    I don’t know if the videos are fake or not but this doesn’t come from videogames, mirror’s edge was inspired from parkour, google around for that.

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey Vladimir,

    Here is a fantastic video demonstrating parkour. That is some crazy stuff!

  7. Almost_There Says:

    Looks like tons of fun, until the first time he lands wrong and breaks his spine or something…

  8. pyromega Says:

    Does jumping off from the top of a double decker bus and walk away like that look real to you?

  9. Shoie13 Says:

    It’s good, but it’s a good fake.

    In video #1, you can clearly hear bus #2 blast its horn as it comes around the corner, and the kid jumps onto it and onto the ground.

    In video #2, bus #2 makes no horn sound, yet you can hear the kids on the ground saying in a normal voice “he’s like a monkey”. He also rolls on the roof of bus #2 whereas he remains standing in video #1.

  10. sliders_alpha Says:

    this is obvious that this is a viral add (i don’t know for what tho) its moving in a too “cool way” (i’m talking about the camera movement) and also, when focus is re-adjusted you have this cool blur-effect

    cmon, real video ain’t so cool, it’s typical from viral add

  11. Aleksejs Says:

    This is also an impressive parkour demonstration:

  12. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks Aleksejs,

    That guy is crazy!

  13. dude Says:

    viral for HTC hero. reasons:
    1. they both have heros in the video
    2. htc hero ad on the back of the second bus
    3. android icon and “hero” all over the graffiti pictures on their myspace

    still not saying that the video is fake necessarily, but i think its more likely now

  14. Austin Says:

    @dude, You hit it right on the head. HTC Hero ad, a viral concocted by an ad agency. A good one, but not real, all the same. Still cool, though.

  15. Aleksejs Says:

    Another movie of Daugavpils parkour:

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