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June 29, 2009

High Tech Roller Skates

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Roller skating got taken over by roller blading, what technology is next? Have a look at the next generation of wheels that can be attached to your feet and take your pick. They all look very interesting but I wonder how hard they are to use?






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7 Responses to “High Tech Roller Skates”

  1. Maigo Says:

    Man, that first one is super fluid
    Why does magicwheel have the training wheel? And overpriced much?

  2. Jonathan Says:

    MAD Magazine actually predicted the return of 2+2 roller skates some fifteen years ago (MAD #317, March 1993?), though I don’t expect strapping an R/C car body to each foot will ever make you cool.

  3. h_2_o Says:

    reminds me a wheelmans bushpig


  4. Macka Says:

    I tell you what, you’re asking for trouble with any of those.

    The magic wheel looks the safest, but one slip and…

  5. Akos3D Says:

    MagicWheel was actually developed by a Hungarian inventor and stolen by Chinese company in preproductioin sample stage. The guy never got any money out of it, Chinese law is no way to win for a foreigner. So ask them why it is so much overpriced.

  6. jn0965 Says:

    MagicWheel looks like something one could build out of an old children’s bike

  7. BaS Says:

    All of these TOTALLY pale in comparison to Wheel-skates ( http://www.chariotskates.com/ )

    They’re going to be super expensive but I don’t care. It’s like *becoming* a bike.

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