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June 22, 2009

ioBridge and Arduino Internet Message Center

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With a few buttons, an LCD screen, an Arduino and a ioBridge, this project allows you to gather information locally and from the internet for instant display. In this example a local temperature sensor displays the local temperature while a internet based service used to get the temperature from another location. An online financial site is used to gather stock prices so that when you are in the kitchen far away from the stock ticker on your computer in the office you can still see how much money you are loosing in the stock market. The best thing about this project is that there is no computer in the loop. The ioBridge is doing all of the internet data gathering. A fun project that could be done by adding a servo motor to the system would be to have a face smile when the stock price rose and frown when it dropped.

"I wanted to combine these two worlds with a sample project – maybe it will inspire you to come up with something better, spark some ideas that you have. I have my arduino measuring my outside temperature here in Pittsburgh, which is an analog input scaled to Fahrenheit. At any moment I can press a button and get the temperature on the LCD screen – no Internet required. Since I have been planning a work trip to Atlanta, I also wanted to compare my temperature with hot-lanta’s. So, my project solves that. Using the "weather command", I am able to get the weather anywhere in the world by zip code or city name."