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June 19, 2009

Suzuki GT 750 Electric Motorcycle Conversion

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Justin Cole, Kris Williams, Chad Dickman, and Todd Sanderson of West Virginia University Institute of Technology just completed their Suzuki GT 750 Electric Motorcycle Conversion. Looks like it turned out real good. Even though the power of the motor that was removed would have been much more powerful the new 8 HP electric motor does get this thing moving at a nice speed.


Briggs and Stratton Etek-R

Model EMC-R 

8 HP – Continous 

15 HP – Peak 

160 In-lb Torque

The electric motor kit selected for the design was a Briggs and Stratton E-Tek R. The E-Tek R is a 48 volt electric motor. It delivers a peak horsepower of 15 HP and 8 continuous HP. Also, a Magura twist grip throttle, wire kit, and a 250 amp fuse were purchased. The cost of the motor kit was $1075 and was ordered from electricmotorsport.com.



Alltrax 4834 

Input: 24-48 volt 

Current: 300 Continous amps



48 Volt System 

4 – BB Batteries 

Model EB50-12

 The desired specifications for the battery were as follows:
– Deep cycle batteries
– 12 volts for 48 total volts
– High amp hours
– light weight
– Compact size
– Reasonably priced

Four EB50-12 batteries, manufactured by B.B. Batteries, were selected for the power source. The batteries are 12 V batteries and weigh in at 36.4 lbs each. The EB50-12 has an amp hour (Ah) rating of 50 Ah. The EB50-12 battery is lighter and smaller than a typical 12 V car battery that was originally considered. The cost for one battery was $145.

The battery charger purchased for the project was a 48 V, 4 amp charger produced by Soneil. This charging system will charge fully discharged batteries in eleven hours.



White Rogers 12-4T

 Coil Voltage: 12 VDC

 Rated Voltage: 12 VDC

 Continuous Current: 200 amps

 Fault Current: 1000 amps



Magura Twist Grip 0-5k"



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12 Responses to “Suzuki GT 750 Electric Motorcycle Conversion”

  1. Justin Cole Says:

    Id just like to add that the bike was built for a total of $2100 and that it can reach a top speed of 50 miles an hour and it has an estimated range of 25 miles. Also I would love to do another conversion for profit if anyone is interested.

  2. Ethan Says:

    I am an EE and was looking into doing a conversion for a 2007 LIFAN TMS Motorcycle, but I am always hesitant to TIG weld, or any weld for that matter since it is the only tool I do not own. How much welding was involved?

  3. obso Says:

    I’m torn. The EE in me thinks this is an awesome project. But the motorcyclist in me died a little when it was a gt750 that gave it’s life for this. Those are awesome rare bikes.

    Nice range with inexpensive batteries tho. Gives me a little hope for building my own one of these days.

  4. Justin Cole Says:

    There was a good bit of welding involved, the whole battery tray was made of mild steel and mig welded but the motor plate was made of 1/4 inch aluminum and just bolted in place. If you could build the battery trays out of aluminum, steel and just bolt the stuff or build it out of a composite such as carbon fiber or fiberglass. We chose the bike on the fact that it was a steel frame and we could weld to it.

  5. Justin Cole Says:

    Well we bought the bike from a motor cycle repair place for $200. It was already in pretty bad shape if you look at the photos. It wasn’t that bad of a build, I enjoyed it and I encourage you to give it a try.

  6. N Malek Says:


  7. Nice or Naughty? | Harley Motorcycle Clothing Says:

    […] Suzuki GT 750 Electric Motorcycle Conversion – Hacked Gadgets … […]

  8. meysam Says:

    i need diagram elektrical about box electric tsr suzuki 200. tanks for your attention

  9. Brian Says:

    I’m building a similar e-bike and I have a question on the sprockets you used for the front (on the Etek motor) and on the rear. Did you use the standard sprockets or did you have to modify the size.

  10. Justin Says:

    We used standard sprockets bought from mcmaster carr. the drive was 12 or 11 tooth and the driven was 48 I believe. we geared it for a top speed of 50 mph and were able to reach it in a short distance.

  11. Luigi Fulk Says:

    Parabéns pelo site! Congratulations on your site!

  12. noah Says:

    do you guys have a wiring diagram?

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