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June 18, 2009

World’s Largest RC Model Plane

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I have seen some big RC model planes before but this one is huge! I can just imagine the time and money invested into this thing. I would hate to even attempt to take it up for its first flight since I would be terrified of crashing it into a million pieces. My hat goes off to the workmanship that went into this marvelous machine.



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11 Responses to “World’s Largest RC Model Plane”

  1. Landshark Says:

    I thought this was pretty impressive: http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/TPC/fun-pics003/2001-2100/098.shtm Turbine powered, electro/pneumatic control system… Ironically I just came across it today.

  2. Almost_There Says:

    World’s largest?

    There are several full size UAVs, the Predator comes to mind (since I interviewed for a job working on it years ago, but didn’t want to move to the Mojave Desert.) They can be remotely flown, if necessary.

    The FAA RC’ed a full size 747 years ago for a crash test (You’ve probably seen it on TV where they purposely hit a barrier to rupture the gas tanks on landing.)

  3. Marks256 Says:

    Oh wow that was awesome! I’m not really into model aircraft, but this really sparked my imagination! Well done!

  4. NatureTM Says:

    Although the article wasn’t titled “World’s largest RC model plane crash,” it still scared the crap outta me to watch.

  5. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Landshark,

    Cool link, those are some great pictures!

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey Almost there and Nature,

    You are right I bought into the hype and thought it may be the biggest but you are right, obviously there are bigger ones… 🙂

  7. Josh Says:

    The articles states *model* plane. I don’t know of any *model* planes bigger than this. I’d hardly call UAVs and test planes models. I’ve seen this one before, but it’s still impressive what model builders can do these days.

  8. Colecoman1982 Says:

    I seem to remember running across, a while back, a page about a scale model B-52 that may have been bigger. Of course, this would still beat it be because that one doesn’t exist anymore (it crashed on on of the first few flights. Just reading that made my wallet cry.)

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  10. Danny Says:

    Wow! If only the sound would have been right… There are model radial engines that may fit this model but they are expensive… I really hope they can (or plan to) drop water baloon bombs with this one… 🙂

  11. World's largest r/c airplane would suck to crash | Edge Burner Says:

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