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June 4, 2009

Top 10 WALL-E Hacks

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It has been almost a year now since the Disney movie WALL-E was released, Hacked Gadgets featured some mods that were made but there has been a huge WALL-E following and countless hours spent making case mods, reproduction robots and other hacks. Thanks to the huge WALL-E mod community for the interesting creations, if you only have time to look at one hack scroll down to the bottom and look at #1 you will be amazed! I couldn’t find any build details on the above video, I think that it was created for Disney to promote the movie but if you have some additional information I would love to hear about it.



10. WALL-E Laptop


This video shows the amazing process of turning a normal looking laptop into a WALL-E Laptop. The airbrushing technique is wonderful.





From far this WALL-E build looks like the toy you can get from the store, it isn’t until you look closely that you can see it is all LEGO!

"A few months ago, I decided to build Wall-E, from the Disney movie that is just around the corner. Meant for a display in July, I finally was able to focus on the model and build it within three weeks – with lots of down time. Wall-E uses 2 Power functions IR controllers, so he can move and move his neck up and down. Also, his arms are on ball joints, so while not motorized, they can be posed. A mount is on the side for the arms to rest, but can be replaced with grill plates to be more accurate."



8. WALL-E made from Wood


This WALL-E made from Wood looks great, there is some controversy behind it though, apparently the creator does not want it shown. Not sure why since the detail is great.

Link, Link


7. WALL-E VEX Robot


This build was made using the VEX Robotic System. It looks like lots of fun.


"This mini Wall-E model robot was made from the VEX robotics System, and covered in card-stock panels I made from hi-def screen shots from the movie."


6. WALL-E Mini Computer


This WALL-E Mini Computer has lots of cool features, the front panel flips down to reveal the tiny computer monitor, you can also control the system by voice commands using the blue tooth head set.



5. Stock WALL-E Robot Hack


When a store bought WALL-E robot didn’t cut it why not take it apart and rebuild it? That is exactly what we are looking at here!


"I started off with the toy titled "Interactive Wall-E". Available at toys’r’us current price $34.99 I am a robot hobbiest and have a lot of expierence with the programming and design to give robots expression and life. The first bit advice I can lend is to be confident. Second advice is to be creative. Together, you’re mind will figure out the rest for you 🙂 There are plenty of peices available to you. My workshop is nothing special. I keep a supply of parts that are low cost. I usually collect items from disassembling other toys 🙂 . Sadly, servos are the most expensive parts of the bunch. For fasteners I use Zip Ties and an arragement of small screws, bolts and nuts. All are available in cheap combo kits at your local hardware store. To modify the casings, i use a speed adjustable dremel and sometimes my soldering iron to melt plastic. For dremeling, please keep a vacumn nearby. *Warning: For melting, keep a window open with a fan!!"



4. WALL-E Made from stack of CD-ROM Drives


This build gets major points for creative construction materials. If you can believe it the body is constructed from 3 CD-ROM drives!



3. WALL-E Builders Club Creations


The WALL-E Builders Club has a number of builders who enjoy creating models. The WALL-E models are first rate!




2. WALL-E Wood Model Robot


What makes this build real impressive is it was built after just watching some video clips and seeing some pictures of WALL-E.


"Also, a set of sensors would make this project autonomous. GWJax will be doing the PBasic programming for the Wall-E. The criteria are as follows:

  1. Use my Mattracks as the main drive unit
  2. Motor drive gear motors using H bridge controllers
  3. Pan/tilt head using Parallax ultra sonic ping
  4. 3 GP2D12 IR edge detectors or similar detectors
  5. raise and lower the arms as a pair [up and down only]
  6. raise and lower the front door
  7. [Maybe not sure yet] raise and lower the head
  8. Use Parallax ping in both eyes
  9. airbrush Wall-E to look authentic as possible.
  10. Fit a uOLED in the front panel
  11. Use a Parallax emic text to speech chip for wall-e’s voice
  12. Fit Ultra bright blue LEDs in Wall-E’s eyes
  13. Make a pair of H bridges for the drive motors"


1. WALL-E Case Metal Mod



This WALL-E Case Metal Mod is a very impressive build. Have a look at the detail! No corners were cut in this project. The fact that it holds a case is almost beside the fact when you see how much time and effort went into making the actual WALL-E robot. It was apparently built in 18 days but that seems hard to believe!