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May 29, 2009

iShoes – Electric Shoes

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If you like the idea of cruising around but find Segways to be a bit big and the Wheelman to be a bit loud have a look at these iShoes. As long as there are no exploding battery recalls I think they would be tons of fun.

Via: Zedomax (http://zedomax.com/blog/2009/05/21/shoes-that-do-the-walking-for-you/) and Gizmodiva

How do the iShoes work?

You simply strap them onto your shoes, and with the handheld control be able to travel at speeds up to 13.5mph.

How would someone benefit from using the iShoes?

The iShoes are benificial because they move you at speed faster than walking. A 20 minute walk, is 5 a minute ride on the iShoes.

How are they controlled?

You simply push the handheld button to accelerate, and ease up to engage the electronic brake.

How far can they go?

The iShoes can go 2-3 miles or 30 minutes of casual riding on a single charge.

What do they run on?

They run on rechargable Lithium batteries.

How much time does it take to charge?

It takes 2 hours to fully charge your iShoes.

Do I have to fully discharge the batteries before recharging?

No, Lithium batteries last longer if they are charged midway.

Is it hard to ride the iShoes?

There is a certain amount of skill required to ride the iShoes. Most people are comfortable going full speed after a day or two of practice.

Should users wear a helmet?

We highly recommend wearing a helmet if riding above 5 mph.

Do the iShoes work in wet conditions?

No, the iShoes are designed to be used only in dry envoronments.

How do they Turn?

A basic method of turning is slowing to a stop, turning and continuing. Experienced riders make turns with a skiing style,

placing one leg forward and steering with it.

Can the iShoes go up hills?

Yes, the iShoes have a powerful 500 watt motor that can take you up most hills.


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11 Responses to “iShoes – Electric Shoes”

  1. mikheil Says:

    okey cool never have seen something like this but way they called it ishoes does it have some connection with iphone or ipod ??
    maybe they plan to control it in the future with iphone or ipod touch

  2. Michael Says:

    Looks like it works well on smooth, unbroken surfaces. Hit a piece of broken sidewalk or a rock in these things, though, and you’re toast.

    I don’t see electric skateboards or other vehicles having the same problem, because those aren’t attached to your feet. Even skis have a mechanism to release your feet to prevent further injury in a crash.

  3. Haku Says:

    What’s the legality of using such devices in different countries? especially with 500 watt motors, Segways are banned in the UK and even ebikes are limited to 200 watt RMS motors.
    On the steering, I wonder if they tried adding a servo to the front wheel to steer it, that could work quite well if the faster you go the less it steers, enabling you to turn tight circles when going slow and large circles when going fast.

  4. The voice in your head Says:

    And all this time I’ve been using a bike.

  5. Wallace & Grommit Says:

    They’d go great with my Techno Trousers!

  6. olsti Says:

    too big, too slow. Design?? Why not like an inlineskate? Would be much more better..

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  8. Jerrem Says:

    WOW its like rollerblades for lazy people. LOL

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